At one time there were two minimum limits that could be found at craps tables. There were the 25¢ limits in the so called “sawdust” joints, which catered to the really small bettors, and then there were the $1 minimum limits at the “carpet” joints.

The 25¢ limit games could be found in down­town Las Vegas and in the smaller Reno casinos, while the Strip, Lake Tahoe , and Atlantic City houses imposed the $1 limit.

But gambling has expanded as more and more money is wagered at the tables, especially the craps tables. In Atlantic City it’s difficult to find a table that doesn’t require a $3 minimum bet, and other tables require a $5, $25, or even $100 minimum bet.

The same with the Strip hotels in Vegas. On crowded nights and weekends, many of them have $5 or even $25 minimum tables. These places cater to the premium players, the real high rollers, who come to the table with credit lines of at least $10,000 and aren’t afraid to wager their entire lines in the course of an evening’s play.

When you go to a casino craps table, before you change your money for chips or make any kind of bet, always inquire about the limits at the table. If the minimum is $5 and you have only enough of a bankroll to sustain a $1 game, you shouldn’t force yourself to play over your head.

This is especially true at the Atlantic City casinos, which are packed on weekends and have their smaller minimum tables quickly filled up with gamblers. Just because the only spot open is at a $25 table doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the winds, and bet your entire bankroll with a few bets on the table.