Play Now with Playboy Bunnies!

If you are going to Turkey anytime soon, here is a little bit of advice, if you are going to take part in any bingo games, you better do your research and make sure the place you are playing the game at is licensed.

Two women were minding their own business in Altinkum, Turkey, playing what they thought was a game of bingo with about 30 other tourists, with no real incentive other than to win a few free drinks.

What they ended up winning cost a bit more than if they paid for those drinks they were trying to win, as the ladies were allegedly arrested and fined after police raided the illegal bingo game.

“We were all having a fun time and then the police turned up and forced us to fill out forms. For some reason they picked us out and we were taken to the station for questioning over a game of bingo and then fined”, said office manager Ms. Holland, from Kinmel Bay.

The fine turned out to be $42 dollars each and while no charges were filed against the women, they had a sense that the moment was surreal.

“We thought we were on Candid Camera until we were hustled into a van and taken to the police station.”

The women did not think they were doing anything illegal as they claimed that they saw actual betting shops in Turkey.

The problem was that the shop they decided to play bingo in was not licensed. The ladies were questioned at the police station for a few hours and then released. They are still enjoying the rest of their vacation and have chalked the story up to one they will tell their families about for years to come.